Casino Forgot Password, Password Recovery Instructions

Now, we all use the Internet. We all have plenty of accounts and need to remember passwords to all of them. That's why the «casino forgot password» situation isn't as unusual as you may believe.

How to Change Casino Password via Email

First, make sure you really forgot your password to your casino account. On the login page, type in your username and provide the password you believe is correct. Yeah, you cannot log in. Thus, you need to change your casino password to participate in the next freeroll or play your favorite games. There is nothing critical in such an issue. There, below the Email window, shall be an option, something like Forgot password? Click it.

You will be prompted to a window where you need to type in your mail. It shall be the mail you have registered with.

This might be challenging, especially if you have several email accounts and you haven't played for a while. Check your mailboxes. It is likely that you will have some incoming letters from the casino in the box with which you have registered. Those might be letters with promotions, offers. Finally, even the very first registration confirmation letter was sent to that mail.

Here is why we never recommend deleting such information from your computer. Also, never share your passwords with anybody. If somebody has access to your mail, he/she might ask for a casino forgot password recovery and steal your funds or simply create issues for you.

Now, provide the mail address to the password recovery window. A link to change the password to your casino's account will be sent to your mail. Use it to reset the password.

Change Casino Password with Your Mobile

Sometimes, your issue «How to change casino password?» cannot be solved with email. It happens if you have registered via your phone. In such a case, click the option Login, there, choose Phone, and again, click the Forgot password option. The instructions for password recovery will be sent to your phone. Follow them to reset your password.

Now, you know what you shall do and how to solve a casino forgot password issue. All the password change procedures are simple if you are the owner of the account.