Non UK casinos have helped the gambling industry rise up to $92.9 billion

The online gambling industry is on the rise, and it was predicted that by the end of 2023, it will be worth $92.9 billion. The number of players is constantly growing, and it was estimated that a single player usually has around 3 accounts on online casinos.

European casinos have been the leader so far, mostly due to the UK for having a favorable view over the market. At the same, UK legislation allows sports betting as well, which has added to its appeal.

Would you play at a non UK casino? Or not?

Although there are several sites out there that offer great promotions, a variety of slots, live games and fast withdrawals, many UK players choose to create an account on a UK licensed casino. Why? Because a non UK casino may not follow the same legislation or be registered with GamStop.

At the same time, many non UK casino sites are also non UK licensed casinos which means that the security of the data or the fairness of the games isn’t guaranteed.

Still, non UK casinos are covering more ground day by day and some, might just be among the best.

How’s the gaming experience on non UK casino sites?

Non UK online casinos are very similar to UK casinos and some might actually be better. Usually, the promotions will catch your eye as well as the countless free spins that can be claimed for a small deposit. Furthermore, many of them also come with a cashback system.

If you want to get a clearer picture of how other European casinos work, simply set up an account on a non UK casino. First of all, before you make a deposit, make sure that it’s among the non UK licensed casinos, so you won’t encounter any problems.

What could go wrong in non UK licensed casinos?

You should definitely step away from any casino that doesn’t come with a respectable license, and we are not only talking about non UK licensed casinos but about all of them!

Any legitimate business, must come with a license, either it’s new on the market or has 10 years of experience.

The first gambling regulation in the UK came into effect in 1960 with the Betting and Gaming Act. Due to its long history of gambling, most UK casinos are regulated and safe but land-based non uk casinos and non UK casino sites don’t necessarily follow the same rules. Therefore, having a license is what gives players the assurance of a secure platform, fairness of games, and data protection they need, when they create an account.

A non licensed casino can be found anywhere, not only in the UK so make it a habit out of checking first if the casino is regulated, and then set up an account.