Secure internet casino -- the 3 major points that reveal an honest and safe casino

1.A licensed casino is regulated

A secure internet casino abides by the rules and regulations imposed by the EU. This means that players that create an account are safe  and that all the data they register with is protected Furthermore, they get access to an assortment of games with fair odds of winning.

If you're in doubt about which sites are to be trusted, just look on the internet for one that has a license.

2.A safe casino has 3D secure systems

3D secure systems are an industry standard that ensure the safety of data, from the name you register with, to the email address and bank account information. This allows you to have fun online, on mobile or desktop, while knowing that you are protected from identity theft.

3.A great casino takes care of its players

The best safe online casino will also come with a professional and friendly support center which you should be able to contact non stop. The 24/7 availability of a support agent ensures that regardless of the issue that might appear, help is on his way!

Find out why Rich Prize casino is a safe online casino

  • It comes with a license and displays the policies online

Rich Prize is a legal and honest casino that abides by all the regulations. In addition, you can find everything you'd ever want to know about their AML and KYC policy neatly displayed on their website.

  • You get to play remote, anything you like

Due to an extraordinary and flawless gaming platform, players get to spin on slots, take a seat at a live poker table or place a bet on the latest match, all from the comfort of their own house!

  • A customer centric approach is what sets them apart

Even from the start, Rich Prize casino has placed the emphasis on the player and on how they can offer him the gaming experience of a lifetime. The most important thing they've done, was to make sure that Rich Prize is a secure internet casino where players are feeling safe so they can play the best games and claim the greatest bonuses. 

How to spot the best most secure online casino and what you should avoid

First of all, you should stay away from any casino that requires a registration fee. The best most secure online casino will have a free registration process and will display all the terms and conditions for a welcome bonus.

A safe online casino won't come with fine prints or hide any information from its players, like the wagering requirements, minimum deposit or available payment methods.

Second of all, the best most secure online casino should have a verification process when a withdrawal is requested; either it's a proof of identity, proof of address or something similar, to ensure that the player who've won a bet is the same as the one requesting a transaction and that there isn't a case of identity theft.

Why you should play at Rich Prize, the best safe online casino

Rich Prize casino is an honest and transparent casino that has already made a name for itself as being one of the best safe online casino on the market. By playing here, you'll get the full package, from a wide variety of promotions to exciting tournaments and interactive games.

With over 2.000 games displayed, that cover slots, skill games, table games, sports and lottery, Rich Prize strives to offer its players the entertainment of a lifetime.

As a safe online casino, it comes with a license and addresses players from all over the world, including usa, UK, Spain, Italy, France, and Turkey.

If you want to find out how great Rich Prize casino really is, you don't have to believe us, just create an account and decide for yourself!