Casino verification -- The documents required for a verification

In some particular cases, a verification process might take place and it will require:

  • A valid ID -- passport or driving license

This is the easiest way to prove your identity. A passport or a driving license is relevant enough to connect you to your account.

  • A selfie with the ID

Taking a selfie with your ID will show that you are the user of the account and that the account is in your name.

  • A photo with the bank card on both sides

On the front side, the first 6 and last 4 digits must be visible, while on the back side, the CVC/CVV must be covered and the card must be signed by the cardholder. Without a clear picture, this proof of identity won't be accepted.

  • A selfie with the bank card

This is a photo with you next to the card. It shows that you are actually the owner of the card and hold the card in your possession.

  • A proof of residence issued within the last 3 months

It can be an invoice, a contract, a bill from the power company or any other document that shows you are the person who you say you are.

Especially because the max amount that a player is allowed to withdraw per week is 5.000 Eur, an online casino verification  is possible to be required. It will be done through email so it won't cause the player too much distress or headache but it will ensure that the same person who has created the account and won, will also be in the possession of the prize.

When will a casino account verification take place?

At the Rich Prize casino, a proof of identity may be required in the following cases:

1 -- If you made a deposit with a bank card

2 -- If you claimed a bonus

If you find yourself in one of the two positions above, then you're going to have to deliver a proof of identity. Although you might think it's an unnecessary process, the casino may require some documents to ensure that the owner of the account is the same as the person who's made a withdrawal or a deposit.

This casino verification process is done to ensure that the person who's trying to make a big withdrawal, for example, is actually the owner of the account and that this isn't a case of an attempt to scam someone off.

Our unique user identity generator makes sure that each account is held by just one person and that the data he/she registered with is kept safe.

Is casino verification a scam?

A casino verification takes place only in certain cases, when the possibility of a fake credit bank transaction takes place or if a player has won too many coins at a bet, for example. 

Once a representative of the casino is contacted for a big withdrawal, he may ask for a proof of identity, to be sure that the credit goes to the owner of the account and not to anyone else. 

Do I have to go through a verification process if I use bitcon?

The form in which players that make a deposit could avoid going through a verification process would be by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

How to avoid a casino verification scam

Some online casinos don't come with a license, which means that they are not regulated and don't abide by EU regulations. Unfortunately, when you're playing at an unlicensed casino, you don't know if they have a security system or if they ensure the fairness of games.

To avoid a casino verification scam, make sure you keep track of all your accounts. Sometimes casinos can have similar names, but if you ever receive an email about a promotion from a casino where you haven't created an account, it's best to delete it.

There are many fake businesses out there that will try to make players deposit and they'll even offer one-click registrations or the option to make an instant deposit via bitcoin but that doesn't mean that a quick registration process is also safe.

To avoid any internet schemes, you should only play at a licensed casino. By choosing a licensed casino, you're going to benefit from fairness of games, a flawless gaming platform, a secure account and a casino verification that's meant to protect you as well as your financial data.