Casino forgot password: A guide to change your password in one minute

"How to change casino password" is a popular search on Google among players but not without an answer. If you find yourself in this situation it is probably due to the fact that you have to keep track of all your passwords, from email to social media accounts, to banking and so on. 

Although it's a frustrating process to try and remember the password, we'd suggest for you to take a look at the first emails you have received from the casino and see if something doesn't jolt your memory. You have definitely received a confirmation email when you created the account so start from there.

It's also a possibility that maybe you wrote the password down on a notebook or saved it on the computer. To avoid the "casino forgot password" situation in the future, you might want to create a folder or an excel file where you'll save all your passwords, including the username you use. If you don't have time to create a file right now, set a terminal date to do so.

If you want to know how to change password, find out below!

If you still can't remember your password and want to change it then you can contact our support center. Even if you don't know how to change casino password, you'll be surprised at how easy it is.

Start by making sure you have a good wifi connection and open the device of your choosing. It can be your mobile, computer, laptop or tablet. The gaming platform uploads instantly on any device so you won't have any problems accessing it.

Access and type your question on Live Chat. In your case, you can tell them that you've lost your password and need help to retrieve it. A friendly specialist will guide you through the necessary steps and make sure that in just a couple of minutes you'll have fun once again playing your favorite slots!

This is how to change casino password with your mobile

The easiest way to do so is via the Rich Prize app. If you haven't installed it yet, you can find it online and download it. You'll have faster access to over 2.000 games, extraordinary promotions, big bonuses, and exciting tournaments.

Now, to return to our "casino forgot password" situation!

Access and try to log in. Put your username and make another attempt to remember your password. If even this last hallelujah isn't successful, then look for the clickable line that says something similar to "casino forgot password".

Click on it and see what it says. You'll probably have to insert an email address, the exact one as the one you used to create the account with. After that, you'll receive an email containing other details to complete the process.

Usually, a link is sent and you'll have to access it in order to change casino password. Once you click on it, it will redirect you to a page where you'll be able to pick a new password and confirm it.

To ensure this doesn't happen again, once you decide on a new password, you can write it down, save it on your computer, or even send yourself an email with the new password, so you'll always have it handy. You never know when a freeroll poker tournament appears and you'll want to join so avoid losing your password again by saving it somewhere safe.

Considering that you also deposit money in your account, it's best to keep the password to yourself, meaning, not to share it with everybody.

Now you know how to change casino password and you can go back to playing the latest slots, interactive games, table games and many more. You can also place a bet on sports or horse races! Try your luck on whatever game catches your eye and keep your fingers crossed for a massive win!