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Live Casino Online for Experiences That Matter

For some players, the realistic atmosphere matters more than the games or the gambling process. For them, a special casino type was developed: a live casino online. In such special casinos, all games are constantly streamed online in live mode. This is a relatively new way to play but it has already become extremely popular. In a live casino online, you gamble the games that are streamed from a special live studio. The studio has real tables, and real dealers are involved, just like in a land-based casino. A dealer spins the wheel, hands in cards, and in general handles the game. Multiple cameras are installed in several places. You can see the table at completely different angles. You can zoom in and out to check the details. Now, when you understand that a live dealer online casino is something that boosts the interest of gamblers, do you still doubt that RichPrize has one? In our casino online live, you can find top paying games. They are directly streamed from the most beautifully adorned studios. Thus, the experience you get is amazing indeed.

Live Online Casino Real Money Only

If your preference is online casino live games, be ready to make a deposit and to place a bet. Even the best operator in the world doesn`t offer live games with a free play option. The reasons are usual: the rent of studios and the salaries of dealers. On RichPrize though the bet limits are absolutely reasonable. So, you can make a minimum deposit and place the smallest bet to check if you like the game. Add some free money that you can get as a bonus, and you can play for free. RichPrize live offers the following online casino live games:
  • Live roulette: without it, any casino is not complete;
  • Poker, a game loved by every gambler;
  • Baccarat, one of the easiest games ever;
  • Blackjack, one of the oldest casino games.
Roulette is offered as a standalone option, while other games are located in a special Live Casino Lounge. Hit a tab Live to move to the live online casino real money, check whether your favorite dealer is available, and start the game! Note please that slots do not belong to the games category that can be played live. Thus, if you are going to search for live casino slots online, you are going to be redirected to the Slots tab.

Casino Online Live Goes Mobile

Like any other game, you would like to play live online casino real money on your mobile device, too. Like slots, live games are available for mobile gambling. You can download the best live dealer online casino by clicking a link on the website. You can choose to follow a simple guide for a quick download of an app from GooglePlay. Alternatively, you can choose a no download option and play live casino online directly in your mobile browser. Whatever you choose, top quality is guaranteed. The availability of RichPrize live on mobile devices is important. It means that you can gamble when waiting in a traffic jam, in a queue, during a break at work, and when traveling. It means that instead of getting bored, worried, frustrated, you can enjoy the gambling process and even to win some dollars. Consider though that for the successful process, you need a stable and rather fast internet connection and a mobile device advanced enough to support live streaming.

Live Dealer Online Casino Offers Bonuses

Don`t forget to check the available bonuses. While some of them can be used on slot games only, others can be perfectly applied to play in a live casino. Bonus offers increase your chances to win and make the gameplay more pleasant. Here, you can get one of the most attractive bonuses in the world: a no-deposit bonus. The sum is small, but it allows you to perform the basic testing of the website. If you like it, you move on with the first real funds deposit. If there is something that doesn't give you enough confidence, you don't need to risk your money. Though we can assure you that most visitors turn into our constant and happy clients. Now, it is your turn to try your luck in one of the most realistically designed live casinos. Live dealers are waiting for you, for the most exciting gameplay!

Progressive Jackpot RichPrize

Play for real money and take part in Jackpot. It can be raffled at any time!

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