Keno is a game that’s played with numbers from 1 to 80. The player buys a ticket and circles a couple of numbers (the maximum he is allowed can differ). A total of 20 numbers will be drawn and according to how many numbers a player has circled onto his ticket, he will win a bigger or smaller prize.

What is a keno game? – the origins

  • It is believed that keno dates back over 2.000 years and was invented in China.
  • The game was initially called “baige piao” and meant “white pigeon ticket”.
  • Baige piao was a gambling game that was permitted in many Chinese provinces.
  • Initially the game was played with characters and not with numbers.
  • Baige piao was the precursor for today's keno, lotto, and bingo.
  • It wasn’t until the 1840s that the game arrived in the US and that’s when the characters were replaced by numbers.
  • The name “keno” comes from “quine” a French word that translates as “group of five”.
  • In 1993, the game was named “Race-Horse Keno” because lotteries were forbidden by law in Nevada. Therefore, instead of numbers, the tickets showed horse names.
  • In 1951, lotteries became legal, so the game got its name back (keno).

In other words, to answer “what is the keno?”, would be by simply saying, a lottery.

Learn how to play the keno

How to play the keno is child’s play! Just circle some numbers on a ticket and hand over the ticket to the salesman. After that, the waiting game begins. When the draw takes place, you’ll know if you’re richer or not! You can play keno by choosing some numbers randomly, or by picking numbers that hold a certain meaning to you. There are many people that prefer to bet on the same numbers because they believe that one day, they’ll win.

This theory is both true and false. Hypothetically, at some point, the numbers you keep playing will come out but that will mean for you to play keno very often and never miss a draw. Still, the chances to hit all the 20 winning numbers are incredibly low but if it’s worth that much to you, to win the prize, you are free to try your luck every time! Just a quick mention, in case there are two or more winners, the jackpot will be split and unfortunately, you’re just going to have to deal with that.

How to choose where to play keno online?

Unlike games of cards which are still illegal in some countries, keno is a type of lottery game organized even by governments. Nowadays, keno is legal pretty much everywhere on the planet and what that means is that you can play it by buying a paper ticket or by creating an account at an online casino. Here are some things you should pay attention to, when you’re trying to decide where to play keno online:

1.Choose a licensed casino – A license is the easiest way to find out if the casino abides by the rules and legislations imposed by the state.
2.Search for a casino with a security system – Casinos should have 3D secure systems which prevent identity theft and fraud.
3.Make sure the games are fair – An honest casino will use a system that ensures the fairness of games. A win or a loss can’t be predicted because both are random, and this is the way it should be. If someone could count his odds, then the game would be rigged.

The right casino where to play keno should check all these three points because any game you choose to play online will require a deposit and before you insert your personal and financial information, you should take the time to research the casino. The rules of how to play keno online are the same in any casino but the version of the game you play might come with 10 or 20 winning numbers.

Does anybody know how to win the keno?

The internet is full of people that try to find some loophole that will reveal how to win the keno or how to play the keno and win. Instead of wasting time doing that, you should realize that, from 80 numbers, 20 numbers are selected, usually by an air machine that spins the balls and randomly pulls out 20. The odds are the same for each number so it’s impossible to predict which will be the lucky numbers.

The only thing you can do to double your winning chances is to circle down more numbers and instead of picking only 5, to pick 10 numbers, for example. Now that we’ve shown you that there’s no way of knowing how to win keno, we’ll leave you to try your luck at this lottery game that was even played 2.000 years ago!