Lottery is an ancient form of gambling that involves drawing out random numbers. The lucky person that chose the winning numbers, goes home with the prize, either an object, or cash.

Dating back to 187 BC, the first lotteries were keno slips during the Chinese Han Dynasty. They appeared as a way of entertaining the people and as a government project for raising funds.

In Europe, lotteries gained popularity during the Roman Empire and were conducted mostly at parties. Each guest would receive a ticket with numbers on it and at the end of the night, the prizes were revealed. It’s worth mentioning that at that time, lotteries were just a way to reward noblemen, thus all the tickets came with prizes.

The first lottery where tickets were bought in the hopes of winning something, was held by Roman Emperor Augustus. He organized the lottery to gather funds to repair the City of Rome. It wasn’t until the 15 th century when the prizes switched from articles to money; this is the most similar form of what is a lottery nowadays.

Do you know how to play the lottery?

There are multiple versions of the lottery, but they all follow the same principle: if you’re lucky enough to have picked the winning numbers, or part of them, you win. Want to know how to play the lottery according to each type? Then let’s get down to business!

  • The Dailies

This type of lottery is perfect for players that want to know how to win the lottery because it comes with higher odds of winning. The downside is that the cash prizes aren’t that much. The Dailies take place twice a day and can be held with 3, 4 or 5 playing numbers, according to the state you’re living in.

The price of the ticket can vary depending on the type of wager you choose. For example, you can select “Straight” (getting the numbers in the exact order), “Box” (you win regardless of the order of the winning numbers), “Combo” (both options apply) and so on.

  • The Lotto

This game has very simple rules and big prizes. Players bet on 6 numbers from a determined field of numbers. The more numbers they hit, the more they win. The order of the numbers makes no difference at Lotto and the winning numbers are selected by an air machine.

  • Multi-State Games

Ever wondered how to win lottery and take-home millions of dollars? Well, then multi-state games are your answer! Mega Millions, Lotto America, Powerball are just a few lotteries that come with cash prizes of 5 millions, 40 million and have even reached a 363 million dollar jackpot!

The games rely on 5 or 6 winning numbers, with the possibility of adding an extra number. The games slightly differ but they all come with incredible prizes. Just keep in mind that the number of players is also very high and if two people score the winning numbers, the jackpot is split.

Find out where to play lottery online!

Knowing where to play lottery online is no different than knowing where you should play any game online – in a safe casino! Although there are still parlors that sell paper tickets, the easiest way to play the lottery is online. You’ll find a wide variety of lotteries and you can even take your chances at a national one! There are many casinos where to play lottery and some will greet you with a great deal: a 100% Welcome Bonus.

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Are there strategies for how to win the lottery?

We’ve managed to answer questions like What is the lottery? And How to play the lottery? but unfortunately, the lottery is a game of luck and there are no strategies we could tell you that will increase your winning chances.

There are people that play only the numbers that mean something to them while others choose different numbers every time. The only thing is that most lotteries have a pre-determined field of numbers so you might not be able to choose 10 numbers, and double your winning chances, even if you’re willing to place a higher bet.

You should look at lotteries as a fun way to pass the time and keep your fingers crossed for your numbers to be selected. What do you say? Are you ready to win? Best of luck!